Unlock a Life Full of Possibilities Through the Handwriting & Signature Analysis Masterclass

Through this masterclass discover your hidden personality traits, strengths & weaknesses. This webinar will help you overcome various hurdles in your life.

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Quick questions for you…

“Do you have a good income yet fail to have cash flow?

“Do you often find yourself in inconsistent relationships?

“Are you a hardworking person yet unable to succeed professionally?

“Do you frequently find yourself in troublesome situations?

“You’re a good parent but you don’t have a good rapport with your kids?

If you can relate to even 1 of these questions, you’re in the right place.

Through our Handwriting & Signature Analysis Masterclass, you will get to know the ‘why’ of your problem and unlock the door to solve these problems.

Through this masterclass, you will discover

Note: A little change in your handwriting will bring you closer to your dreams, aspirations, and wishes. We can help you identify your nature and your personality with just a glimpse of your writing.

This masterclass is ideal for

No matter who you are if are serious about earning from the comfort of your home, then this masterclass is for you.

Know Your Coach

Shalini V Jha

Handwriting Analyst, Expert & Coach

Shalini V Jha is a multifaceted professional whose mission is to strengthen people and accelerate their learning and development. Her methodology focuses on nurturing strengths and enhancing and empowering them for holistic growth.

During her corporate career, she proved her mettle as an exceptional leader. In her last assignment with AON Hewitt, she gained invaluable experience and evolved professionally. In order to fulfill her dream, Shalini decided to launch a brand by being an entrepreneur focused on this cause.

The main focus of Jigyasa is to ensure a comprehensive solution. Clients are able to enhance their skills through various exercises that emphasize Communication, Handwriting, Reading, and Confidence Building.

Bonuses of attending this masterclass

4 alphabet writing analysis

Value: ₹ X,XXX

1 Hacks video

Value: ₹ X,XXX

These bonuses alone are worth more than Rs XXXX


Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone and anyone above 8 Years. Kids, Students, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Housewives any working professionals.

It has been scientifically proven that people with good handwriting have a better personality. They have a positive approach to life.  They also have a bigger ambition. Handwriting has a very significant impact on our identity. Handwriting is our subconscious mind and there is a meaning attached to every alphabet. We believe that the way we write the alphabet, reveals a lot about our personality.

Handwriting analysis is an effective and reliable indicator of personality and behavior. It is used in various places like in many organizational processes for example recruitment, interviewing and selection, team-building, counseling, and career-planning. The analysis helps an Individual in their Thought Improvement, Patience, Motivation, Wil Power and Endurance, EmotionalBalancing, Concentration, Confidence Building and focus.

Yes, handwriting analysis brings out whatever is going in your subconscious mind and signature analysis brings out the fact of your conscious mind. The readings of both can give you the best results.

Once you register for the Webinar.  You will be given a link to join the WhatsApp Group in which all the details for the webinar will be shared. All your doubts and questions will be answered by her.

Will be analyzing the webinar itself for a few people.

Shalini V Jha will talk about the Importance of Handwriting and Signature Analysis and why everyone should go for this amazing analysis.

It is not enough to know this AMAZING SCIENCE, you should go deeper into it and just fall in love with this. The details of the graphology analysis will be shared in the demo. I will help you identify your true nature, your personality, the roadblocks that you are facing, the reasons for your financial situation, the reason for your emotional outbursts, and lots of hidden aspects of your personality that you have never thought of.

If you like the analysis shared with you then will move forward to the next step to reduce the effect of negative traits in your handwriting. This is where I can help you by making conscious changes in your handwriting and signature to bring about positive changes in your personality and bring all the success that you always craved.

Yes, in case you send the sample beforehand and that too in a format that will be shared in the WhatsApp group. However, it will be anyone aspect of your personality positive or negative. Since it’s a very personal thing so sharing personal information in the webinar will be a little awkward for all.

Yes! handwriting and signature are your subconscious and conscious mind. Proper training can change the way your brain has been programmed to function. When you write, your brain guides your hands. It directs the muscles of your hand to move in a certain way. An expert graphologist by analyzing your handwriting can establish this two-way connection between your brain and your hand muscles. A little change in your handwriting will bring you close to your dreams, aspirations, and wishes.