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Discover How You Can Use “Law Of Attraction” To Make Universe Your Best Friend Forever (BFF) & Manifest Abundance of Health, Money💸, Happiness, Success... or Whatever You Wish!

No more unnecessary gyaan or theoretical knowledge…

(Yes… You heard it right! Watch The Video Below For A Breakdown)

Just Give Me Your 2 Hours

And I will not just show but make you perform the most practical way to use the law of attraction to manifest & attract anything on this planet… and you’ll get the result in the workshop itself!!! - GUARANTEED!

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Book Your Seat Now For Just ₹47 ₹497

And Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹8500 For FREE

Because in this workshop, I’ll practically teach you how you can get all the things you always wanted in your life whether it’s

Good Health

A Lot Of Money

Luxury Vacations

Dream House

Luxury Cars

Love of Your Life

Job Promotions

Career Success


Destination Wedding

Expensive Clothes, Watches, Jewelry

Dream Income

And Yes… You don’t need to run after all these things Instead I’ll make you ATTRACT all of them in your life


Here’s What You Will Learn

~ Inside This 100% Practical Value-Stretching LIVE Workshop

Book Your Seat Now For Just ₹47 ₹497

And Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹8500 For FREE

For Whom Is This Workshop For

Who is struggling in their life with innumerable problems

Well, after the workshop, you’ll start getting solutions for your life worries one by one…

All you need to have is REPROGRAM YOUR MIND with thoughts that attract the things you desire…

And for that, you need to clean and empty all the negative & misguided thoughts that had been fed to your mind since childhood

Once it’s done – You’re ready to feed your mind, soul, and heart with thoughts that will take you closer to your dream life

This Workshop Is A Sure-Fire Way To Bring Success & Abundance In These 4 Major Pillars Of Everyone’s Life!!!


Start living a healthier life to feel more alive & get rid of all health issues & diseases forever


Here you become a money magnet that makes your financially free & you’ll never have to see the price tag before buying anything


Uplifting your career to the next level for consistent growth & success in any field you enter


Building great relationships that surrounds your life with beautiful people that love and uplifts you

Isn’t That True…?

As getting closer to the finishing line in a race, one should accelerate the vehicle – rather than applying the brake, in order to win… right?

Similarly, this workshop “Dreams Into Reality” is going to be an accelerator for you to win the year 2022 as it’s coming to an end…

And have a beautiful start to make the coming year 2023 the best and most transformational year of your life!

I want to ask you… Are you ready for it?

Book Your Seat Now For Just ₹47 ₹497

And Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹8500 For FREE

Join Me Inside The Workshop To Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹8500 For FREE!!!

🎁 Bonus #1: Aura Cleansing (Negativity Removal)

Priced: ₹ 3500/-

🎁 Bonus #2: Guided Meditation

Priced: ₹ 2000/-

🎁 Bonus #3: Readymade Affirmations & Switch Words

Priced: ₹ 3000/-

🎁 Bonus #4: Access to my Whatsapp Community

Priced: Priceless

Wait Wait… That’s not everything

🎉 I Have More For You To Offer! 🎉

During the workshop…

3 lucky People will be randomly selected from the attendees for whom I’ll personally do the Tarot Reading Session

Plus 3 lucky People will be randomly selected for
Free Numerology Assessment
for absolutely FREE of cost!!!

Yes, that’s true

The actual price I charge for such a Tarot Reading Session & Numerology Assessment starts from Rs 3000 – Rs 5000 onwards

Now YOU can be one of those luckier ones to get this powerful & 100% accurate Tarot Reading Session + Numerology Assessment Live with me inside the workshop…

So what more are you waiting for…?

Book Your Seat Now For Just ₹47 ₹497

And Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹8500 For FREE

Meet Your Host & Dost

⭐ JSuper Kaur ⭐

Jessika Kaur
–Self Made Superwoman

Astrologer & Psychic
Law Of Attraction Coach
Tarot Card Reader | Numerologist

Law of attraction has always been my biggest savior which helped me to transform myself from living the most inferior days of my life to now living my dream life.

For many years of my life, I was suffering from depression, loneliness, being overweight, heartbroken, and dealing with various diseases like OCD, BPD & yes a loser in my eyes.

At the time when I needed the most help – I couldn’t find it anywhere else but within myself. The day I realized that the beauty, the god is inside ourselves, the entire game changed for me, transforming my loser life into a winner’s life ~ without any external healings or medicines!

The same power of the law of attraction made me a self-made multimillionaire earning 7 figures a month, built my own empire single-handedly, won beauty creator of the year 2018–19 from YouTube India, launched my own Ayurvedic Brand named “Lavanya” successfully, fulfilled my materialistic goals, bought a jeep, safari, & an endless list.

People started loving my products, embracing my brand & my powerful sessions where I help them reach their maximum potential & achieve all these things in their life.

Because if I can do it after coming from such a terrifying place… you can definitely do it!

But why am I telling you all this…?

Because the “Law of attraction is the Law of the universe” which holds true for every person on this planet…

So if I could achieve the life I want, what’s stopping you?

All you need is the right practical approach that 100% puts the law of attraction to work hard for you…

And in this Live Workshop, I am going to share all my secrets & powerful techniques that have helped me to transform from rags to riches and how you can replicate similar things in your life!

The same learning has helped more than 5000 people till now (and still counting) with exceptional success stories and drastic transformations in their life…

Have A Look At What People Have To Say About Me

Here’s Everything You Need To Know

“Dreams Into Reality Workshop”

2 Hours Live Workshop

2 Hours Live Workshop (Value ₹997)

(Value ₹997)

Bonus #1 “Aura Cleansing” (Value ₹3500)

Bonus #2“Guided Meditation” (Value ₹2000)

Bonus #3“1-on-1 sessions with previous students” (Value ₹3000)

Bonus #4“Readymade Affirmations & Switch Words

(Value Priceless)

Tarot Reading Session – For 3 Lucky Members

Numerology Assessment – For 3 Lucky Members

Total Value: ₹8500

Regular Price: ₹497

Only ₹47 Today!

Book Your Seat Now For Just ₹47 ₹497

And Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹8500 For FREE

Frequently Asked Questions

The workshop will be for 2 hours and will be held on the Zoom App. 

Please check the top section of this page to get your preferred date for the workshop.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to bring the best out of their life, want to win over all sorts of problems, and attract happiness, love, money, career growth & everything you name.

This 100% practically oriented workshop will help you manifest your dreams using the Law of attraction, unlike those theoretical sessions that give tons of information which practically never works… but I’ll make you perform all the tasks right in front of you.

Make sure you come 10 mins before the scheduled time and have a simple notebook and pen to write the important points you find during the workshop.

It is advisable to attend the workshop on PC and with good internet connectivity for a better learning experience.

No recordings are provided to ensure every registrant attends the workshop live and gets the best out of the workshop.

Book Your Seat Now For Just ₹47 ₹497

And Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹8500 For FREE